Our five most popular posts so far!


Confetti (Photo credit: Phil Roeder)

Can you believe we’ve been at this over a year? Neither can we! To celebrate, by the numbers, here’s the top five most popular posts on our blog!

5. User Research Techniques: Usability Testing

In this article, we give a concise overview of usability testing, the most important user research technique. Learn how usability testing can dramatically improve your site or app with very little effort!

4. The five most important aspects to know about your users

How do you think about your users? In this article, we provide a basic framework that skips the details and focuses on what you really need to be thinking about to deliver the best experience for your users.

3. The conflict of user goals and business objectives

In this article, we talked about how sometimes our users and us have different objectives, and how to handle these differences.

2. User Research Techniques: Surveys

Our article on surveys focuses on qualitative surveys for user research, with tips and tricks for getting excellent, actionable survey results.

1. What is user research?

One of our first articles is still our highest traffic. This article discusses the definition of the term ‘user research’.

Checkout some of our other favorite articles!

The Lean Launch: Define (Phase One of Five)

In this article, we guide you through the first steps in planning any new project or feature. We start with the big picture, and stay focused on the user throughout.

* User Research Techniques: Card Sorting

Card sorting is our expertise. This short article covers the basics you need to get started with improving your information architecture.

Make your forms more effective and get dramatic results!

Tips and tricks from our research laid out in a quick, highly actionable format. Make your forms more usable, get your conversion rates up, and make more sales today!

Why you should be the one conducting research on your own users

We believe firmly every organization benefits by conducting its own research. This article explains the benefits!

Got any other favorite articles? Any articles you think should be in our top 5? Let us know in the comments!