Press Release: New online user experience research app launched

ConceptCodify makes card sorting accessible for everyone making websites and apps

For immediate release.

ConceptCodify Homepage

ConceptCodify Homepage

ConceptCodify is an online card sorting application for websites and applications. For most businesses and organizations, many immensely valuable user research techniques are outside of their budget and available time. ConceptCodify is seeking to remedy this problem by making card sorting quick, easy, actionable, and affordable.

Card sorting is a user research technique where regular users organize a set of concepts, or cards. The data from how each user has organized the cards can then be analyzed into a cohesive whole. The analysis can be used to improve navigation, sitemaps, processes, page layouts, copy outlines, and even to reduce clutter.

Every website and application should conduct a card sort before designing information architecture, navigation, processes, and layouts. Many card sorting tools available today are cluttered with excessive features, making card sorting too time consuming and expensive for most organizations. ConceptCodify instead focuses on providing the most straightforward way to better design decision making. ConceptCodify wants everyone making websites and applications to make decisions based on self-conducted research and have access to the best tools available.

ConceptCodify is available immediately at for free. The ConceptCodify team is planning to charge per study in the future, meaning website and app makers will not be locked into a monthly subscription plan. Discounts will be available for academic, government, and nonprofit purposes.

In addition to providing an easy to use card sorting application, the ConceptCodify team is providing user research information and resources available at their blog, Transformative Research.

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